Formerly Beetree Candles 👇

Hi friends!
Thank you all for supporting Beetree Candles over the years. I’m happy to tell you that the Owens have purchased our small business from us.
Jed and Rebekah Owen both are longtime friends of our family who are passionate about making high-quality candles. They will continue to make the candles you love.
Thanks again!
Deb Moberg - Spring 2022

We are family owned and operated. We take great pride in making unique and high quality candles. We handcraft each of our candles in small batches. Our candles are made of 100% natural beeswax or soy wax, and scented with our own special blends of pure essential oils and fine fragrance oils. All of our glass jars are made in the USA and our beeswax is produced in the USA by American honeybees. We use all natural wooden and cotton wicks that burn very clean. The wooden wicks crackle like a real open fire.